Marketing Environment Of Business Has Changed Than Few Years Back Essay

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Today the IT marketing environment of business has changed than few years back. Where there was only one functional website of the company was used in order to generate leads. . Food Group International is one these businesses who benefited from the use of a functional website. This website was like a personal office for the company which was opened 24 hours in 365 days in a year. It was an ideal way to showcase the mission of IFG for end users. In those days, customers were more likely to expect an organization that has its own website. This website was act like a primary source for promoting the business. It helped out the business of IFG as per following: • Product Recognition: The products of IFG gained their recognition on the internet via website where customer could easily find, review and buy products. • Inform: By the help of a website IFG could teach or tell millions of users about business goals, goals and policies. • Communicate: This website was a best medium of communication to the end users all around the world. The company has designed its website in such a way that it engaged and attracted customers all around the world. • Support: The importance of having a website provided an extra support to the IFG that it required for the path leading to glory. • Business: With the help website company proved its presence on the internet—advertised its products and services, and everything that was the demand of potential customers. • Customer loyalty: In the eyes

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