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Physical Resources [P1] Describe the key features of physical resources for a selected workplace Physical resources are the basic resources needed by a business to uphold and execute its activities. They can be said to be the ‘’base layer’’ of any organization and without them a business could not function. Physical resources include things such as buildings, materials, security, machinery and so forth. Physical resources must be managed in order to avoid wastage. At Braeburn School there are several physical resources in which are needed to keep the school up and running efficiently and allow everyone to play their role and execute tasks on a day to day basis. Some of the physical resources have been pointed out below:…show more content…
to be able to cater for the whole school. However the kitchen is very insecure, it is in an open location which means it is exposed to the weather and bugs as well as other things from the outside world. This makes doesn’t make it hygienic as food is exposed and can get cross-contaminated which could lead to food poison and the like. Food is not stored indoors where it has been completely been sealed off and this could cause food poisoning amongst pupils in the school. Amphitheatre: Is suited for its purpose, to be able to hold plays, musicals…etc. it is located in the middle of secondary and primary which makes it easily accessible for both parts of the school. On the other hand when it rains the amphitheater would not be able to fulfill its purpose and the event at that time will have to be relocated. Due to a lack of coverage during the day it also gets too hot. The seats are all concrete which also makes it uncomfortable to sit on. Another issue is that it is not big enough, as when big events are held some parents and students will still remain standing. Getting to places to sit is also hard as there are only 2 ways to get to the seats, either through the stage which is very disruptive or through the back. The people sitting in the middle have to go through everyone and fight their way through. Hard court: Is fit to its purpose to be able to play sport on it such as basketball and netball. The hard-court can
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