Marketing Management Team Of Bright Light Innovations

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Bright Light Innovations LLC has invented and developed the Starlight Stove, an inexpensive home appliance for developing countries that provides both and heat and electricity without discharging hazardous wood smoke or kerosene . The stove brings in a new concept to the world of clean energy. Though the company has just started to fly it has a lot of future potential. Because annual revenue for biofuels, solar energy, wind power and fuel cells rapidly increases from 39% in one year which is $40 billion in 2005 to $55 billion in 2006, and it has been forecasted to be a $226 billion market by 2016 (Gangemi,2007). In this scenario the marketing management team of bright light innovations should devise appropriate marketing plan to gain advantage of such a big consumer market and enjoy long term profitability while contributing to the social welfare.
Critical Marketing Issues: Every business must have quality product or service offerings to its consumers. This is why marketing of product and services are one of the most important issue for both profit and not for profit businesss. Organization and is management team must find and analyze all marketing issues and develop appropriate marketing plan to reach its goals and objectives.
These marketing issues are as follows:
• Education beyond boundry: the case for Management Schools
• Promotional strategies in developing countries
• Developing a competitive pricing policy
• Profitability in The age of

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