Marketing Is An Essential Element

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Marketing is termed as an essential element with the help of which any product or service can generate potential outcomes in a best possible manner. The main task of marketing is to stimulate consumer demand for the product, but not limited to this. It also helps the company achieve its goals in the process, the impact of the level of demand, the demand of time and the composition of demand. Marketing is considered a management discipline to define the state of the market. It is a process that allows you to have a vision and a very clear idea of how to approach your market. Therefore, the task of marketing management is to stimulate the creation, adaptation and influence consumer demand. Marketing is the creation,
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Marketing also helps us in learning on how to focuses on developing and managing continuing relationships with customers, competitors, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders. The marketing field also has opportunities for careers that are less affected by cyclical economic fluctuations and offering better opportunities than many other careers for growth and promotion that have the personal merit based. Salaries in marketing positions are among the highest of all professional fields and offer excellent prospects for future growth (Pascual, 2003).
In the past decade, the world economy has changed dramatically under the pressure of globalization, the development of technology by storm and the opening of new markets. We need to understand and learn the factors that contribute to globalization, the development of technology, especially information technology, have erased all barriers of space and geography. Customers now have more rights than before. Thanks to technology they can access information about the product better, since they have many more choices. Thus, the marketing will begin with an analysis that will contain a preliminary study of the needs and expectations of the target consumer to please him and respond to at least one of its needs (Schindler, 1992, p. 22).
Once acquired marketing basics, some students embark on the adventure and decide to either create their own society is to launch products in order to get a share of the commercial world. The study
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