Marketing Strategy of Ford Motors

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Chapter One: Introduction to Dissertation 1.1 Introduction Marketing is a lot like religion and most people have a strong belief that this belief is typically predicted on how they were raised rather than a formal study of religion belief. Marketing also has its share of agnostics as well as atheists – “I don’t believe Marketing exists”. Regardless of how marketing is viewed today, few questions are come up: Which can survive without the other? This is a litmus test in many situations and all believe it is fair to say that any business cannot survive without a proper marketing strategy. (Wardlaw, 2007) As there is rapid, real changes are taking places throughout the world politically, economically, socially and…show more content…
It also shows that how it can make a vital impact in the success of the organisation. Marketing strategy and marketing are becoming more important elements to the business now than ever before, due to dynamic environment throughout the globe. The changes taking place in the political, social, economical and technological environment have a great impact on the businesses and posing great challenges to the business to survive in the dynamic market place as the world is transforming into the boundary less world. (Crittenden VL, Crittenden WF & Muzyrka DF, 2002) This case study research, however, examines the position of the Ford Motors among the other automobile companies in the world and how it marketing strategies can be altered to bring out the real change in its marketing processes, making it more competitive in the market place. Among other things, this research tries to strong shift to a more customer focussed organisation. It sees future strategic changes to reflect changes in business environment. This study was taken for the Ford Motors, in order to find how marketing operations are carried out within the organisation. The recent changes in the environment due to recession, and government regulations (low emission cars/ hybrid cars) prompted the researcher to find the impact of these factors on marketing strategy of Ford Motors. As mentioned in the introductory part of this
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