Marketing Mix Of An Annual Business

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Essentially, a business plan is a map of a business, showing where it currently stands, where it is hoped it will arrive in the future, and the particular goals envisioned for it to accomplish throughout its growth (RGS Business Department, 2015, p. 6). Fundamentally, the plan adds direction, justification and motive to the business. It assists in identifying the business’ strengths and weaknesses, helps to ensure clarity and focus of future objectives, and forces the business owner to justify his/her actions ( Peterson, Jaret and Schenk, 2015). The purpose of this report is to discuss the marketing mix of an upcoming tuition business.
1.1 Business Name:

The chosen business name is: Next Step- Inspired Tuition
Intended to represent the idea of a transition or progression of sorts, ‘Next Step’ is included as the focal point of the business’ identity. The name itself is unique, simplistic and memorable, utilised to capture the idea that the business in question is future driven with the objective of helping students take their education figuratively and literally, to the ‘next’ level.
The inclusion of ‘Tuition’ after the main brand name (Next Step) is used as a simple summary of the business’s main purpose, with the word ‘Inspired,’ subtly incorporated as an indicator of the business’ almost impulsive quality and creativity-as the words definition implies.
1.2 Mission Statement

Next Step seeks to actively assist school-aged children throughout their academic and

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