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FISHY BUSINESS General outline of presentation History, Products and services → (introduce 3 categories, talk about ornamental fish, markets served, focus on arowana), 4Ps for arowana, customer segmentation for arowana, Recent performance (drop in profits, focus on Arowana), PESTEL (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Porter’s (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), SWOT (focus on points that lead to fall in profits), Recommendations , END. What people are looking out for in our presentation, 5 main criteria: 1. Clearly identify the problems faced by Qian Hu 2. Come up with solutions to tackle the problem 3. Professionalism 4. Creative and innovative 5. Time management Roles: Edwin: Kenny Yap, Father Yap…show more content…
Students A: OH I KNOW! 1. Ornamental fishes 2. pet accessories 3. plastics (oh that is me inside the plastic bag btw, i love taking artistic pictures) 4. fish spa 5. longkang fishing! Alvin Yap: (Core, tangible and augmented product) WONDERFUL! But today’s tour will just be on Arowana. And do you know why customers buy Arowana? It’s not just because the fish is very pretty but because it is a symbol of wealth and luck and all the uncle ah peh loves it! We sell 10 different varieties of the Asian Arowana and each of our Arowana is tagged with RFID microchip which is part of the online information query system and the other facilities available in our farm. Student: Wow, so awesome? Oh yeah, Qian Hu has been able to gain a strong presence in countries like Singapore and China but how does Qian Hu distribute the products? We learnt in class that Qian Hu uses dual distribution where you reach out to different buyers by employing different types of channels for Arowana. Andy Yap: Indeed. For walk-in customers, a direct channel is used where our valuable customers can take their time to view the Arowana and purchase it from the “House of Dragon”. We also utilise two indirect channels, such as supplying Arowana to local fish retailers and exporting Arowana to overseas distributors who would in turn sell
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