Marketing Analysis : Breezy's Leather Goods

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Introduction Breezy’s Leather Goods is a brand that will influence the actual customers and the manufacturers of the goods. Breezy’s Leather Goods is a brand that aspires to take place of those brands that are less known or do not have label. Its branding will allow for Breezy’s to be easily recognized by its logo, design and quality of products. In addition, Breezy’s slogan, “Your Luxury, Your Memory, Your Design.” It will assist with the product pricing, increasing its sales and brand identity. The slogan’s message is meant to reflect Breezy’s brand. It is one that offers designs that will meet the personal styles and standards of each customer; it will also reflect the company’s design capabilities, innovation, luxury, and quality…show more content…
Which according to Machado (2013) “luxury products such as expensive jewelry, branded furniture and designer clothes sometimes have a positive demand;” customers that will shop at Breezy’s tend to use price as a major indicator of the luxury or quality of the products and they are more inclined to buy more Breezy’s goods as the price increase (pp. 64). Most companies will price their product or services according to references prices or the expected price that customer will pay. However, Breezy’s is geared more towards price-quality relationships. As mentioned, this is when price relays the cost of the product to the buyer but it also determines the quality of the product (Machado, 2013, pp. 66). Distribution has is closely dependent to that target market. Breezy’s Leather Goods distribution is going to target locally, in Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Therefore, the distribution channel will start as a local retail store in the Art & Antique district. Breezy’s will maintain strong well-known local distribution, but eventually expand its distribution to other areas of North Carolina. This will make Breezy’s products have more a statewide distribution. However, the ultimate goal is to make products available online where locals and people nationwide will have access to Breezy’s Leather Goods. This type of distribution is known as direct distribution. Direct distribution is where the vendor is the owner and manages all of the company’s resources in the value
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