Marketing Plan: Developing Strong Brands Essay

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Unit 4: Marketing Plan – Developing Strong Brands 3.0 Marketing Strategy 3.5 Positioning This product was designed to help give our consumers the boost of energy they need without the heavy weighed down feeling an energy drink gives. We feel our customers will find it more convenient to chew a piece of gum to increase their energy than to drink something carbonated and full of sugar. What set us apart from our competition are our ingredients. Other energy gums rely on heavily on caffeine to provide that burst of energy. We use natural herbal stimulates such as sarsaparilla, licorice, and ginseng. 3.7 Marketing Mix Product We find ourselves ahead of our completion, because we use natural stimulants to increase energy.…show more content…
This fits perfectly with the target market we are trying to meet. Also, advertising on popular social websites such as Facebook and Twitter will help gain further awareness. Promotion Our marketing objective is to increase awareness about the product. This can be accomplished through informative advertising, which in return will help build brand knowledge. There are three major media types we can exploit. Magazines, television and internet are the three ideal avenues we can use to help spread the word about the product. The are the three major media type the target market pay attention to. Wrigley is already has and excellent marketing department, and they have manage to create impressive marketing campaigns for their Orbit and 5 Gum lines. The best way to evaluate the results would be to use communication-effect research to receive the consumer feedback. 3.8 Marketing Research The Wrigley’s Global Innovation Center is where the company research and develops new products. The center will be responsible for all of the marketing research for the product. The of the research will be to determine how interest Wrigley’s consumers are in an energy gum and what should be the brand image. Focus groups and survey research are two of the most common and effective forms of research, but since gum is mostly an impulse buy behavioral data will also be of much help. The research should be implemented for a year prior to the
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