Marketing Plan For A New Brand

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Executive Summary
This marketing plan is about a new brand called “Elegant Apparels”. Under this brand, we will provide females different types of clothes which are according to their requirements.
We will initiate our business in January, 2015 as it is the start of financial year as well. We will start our business from New York as it will also work as our headquarter city. But we will expand our business from city to city starting from New York to California and then Los Angles. As these cities have more diversified population, we will attract more customers and ultimately strong customer base. We will work slow as we believe in gaining trust of customers. Due to the fact that it is the start of the business, we will use social media to advertise our clothing. We will make Facebook page as it will be main source of advertisement. We will also use it for getting feedback from customers. It should also be noted that since we do not have any current outlet due to lack of financial resources, we will start operations of our business through Facebook. We will use it to update our products and provide deals and prices of products as well. We started our business after complete marketing research which included surveys form females belonging different sectors of society like schools, offices and universities etc. they gave us opinions about type of clothing they want and the price range in which they want clothes. After analyzing results with actual marketing data, we conclude
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