Marketing Plan For A New Company

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Marketing to acquire new customers for revenue for GBH
The market is constantly changing requiring the various businesses operating in it to adapt to these changes. An industry that has been greatly impacted by the changing market is the one for the accounting firms since they are affected by changes in all the markets that their clients operate. Such an accounting firm is the GBH that offers accounting services for various businesses. My marketing proposal will identify this challenge that GBH faces and provide recommendations with the goal of ensuring that the company secures its market position in the future.
The company should adopt a matrix structure by incorporating both the functional and organizational structure. The company can …show more content…

Across these services, the company assists clients with the business structure, business tax, multi-national financial reporting, multinational private company services and even research and development tax.
The company should diversify its roles to target a wide range of clients by offering various solutions to the changing clients ' needs. The growing number of accounting firms in the industry has reduced the market share of the already existing companies presenting major challenges. Globalization has made it easier for business to operate at a global scale. The company, therefore, needs to strategize to ensure that the overall market share is improved by providing additional services.
Market analysis
The accounting industry is faced with various challenges. The GBH CPA Accounting firm also needs to adapt to the changing trend to increase its competitive advantage as well as its relevance in the future. One of the growing challenges for many accounting firms is the competitiveness for highly skilled employees. The high demand for experienced and skilled labor have meant that it has become much challenging for accounting business to locate, hire and retain talented employees. The employees, on the other hand, are more easily moving from one business to another in search of job satisfaction. GBH CPAs has been

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