Interview At Agency For Health Care Administration

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Interview Assignment
The subject of my interview is Roger Bell, CPA, and Manager at Agency for Health Care Administration. The reason Bell was chosen is because of his contributions as a Certified Public Accountant, CPA and Manager at Agency for Health Care Administration. The area of expertise of Mr. Bell’s is similar to my future goals. The subject of my interview owned a small accounting firm in Cedar Key, Florida. There are two crazy times for tax season in accounting firms. The first busy tax season is from January 1st to April 15th. The next busy tax time is from September 1st to October 15th. The latter tax time is when corporations and people that have filed six-month extensions. During tax time can be compared to being in a boxing match, the personnel are highly stressed with short fuses. The turnover rate is high because of the abundance of the extra workload during these two tax times. The personnel that remain in their employment are severely overworked; there is a lot of overtime. The only times of the year that anyone was allowed vacation time were in the months of May or June or December. The services that were offered in the accounting firm consisted of tax return preparations, basic accounting services, and bookkeeping services. Consulting services were available to assist the community with people developing budgets for personal and businesses purposes. Also, Bell desired, while the owner of the accounting firm, to be able to assist his clients with
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