Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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Marketing Plan
This paper will discuss marketing plan for Coca-Cola Company. The definition of marketing will be presented along with other elements. Specifically discussed will be the following: definition of marketing, introduction of product/service, situation analysis, marketing strategy, product/service overview, pricing strategy, distribution channels, integrated marketing communications, promotion mix strategy, message strategy, promotion tool #1, promotion tool #2, and promotion tool #3. This paper will conclude with a summary of this discussion.
Definition of Marketing Marketing is creating sell through communication, price, promotion, place, and product. Marketing helps a company with advertised the product of the company. With marketing the company must learn the market, opportunities, and problems, and a solution for it.
Introduction of Product/Service
Coca-Cola is one of the top companies known in the world publicly. The Coca-Cola Company is a manufacturer and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages such as soft drinks. Coca-Cola has many marketing factors that helps grow and affect the company with its profits. Some of the marking factor is competitors, politics, and technology. These marketing factors can have good and bad effects on a company
Situation Analysis -- Marketing Environment Forces Impacting Product/Service
Coca-Cola has many competitors due to their Global success in the industry of non-alcoholic. A few of the Company 's…

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