Marketing Plan For Coca Cola

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Marketing Plan
This paper will discuss marketing plan for Coca-Cola Company. The definition of marketing will be presented along with other elements. Specifically discussed will be the following: definition of marketing, introduction of product/service, situation analysis, marketing strategy, product/service overview, pricing strategy, distribution channels, integrated marketing communications, promotion mix strategy, message strategy, promotion tool #1, promotion tool #2, and promotion tool #3. This paper will conclude with a summary of this discussion.
Definition of Marketing Marketing is creating sell through communication, price, promotion, place, and product. Marketing helps a company with advertised the product of
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The names of other competitors such as: Cadbury Schweppes, Groupe Danone and other non-alcoholic beverages. Coca-Cola prices advertisement, the Coca-Cola brand, and trade development are affected by the competition. It also affects the gross revenue of the company.
Coca-Cola Company is nation-wide and develops over time. But some Coca-Cola growth is not all time. Coca-Cola can receive bad publicity and it can affect the growth in sell.
Coca-Cola also depends on Partners Company for bottles this can possible slow down production. Coca-Cola can overcome their promoting with good publicity in the communities.
Marketing Strategy: Target Market(s) & Positioning
The Target Marketing is generalizing segment or segments to sell a product and/or service. Companies use target marketing to reach the consumer and find certain marketing factors, which allow the company to develop a marketing plan (Prdic, 2016). Target markets are broken down just like segmentation but more specific such as: the age, lifestyle, and buyer powers. Target market is a key element in a market plan. Companies can determine the factors of a market plan from a target market such as: price, promotion, and distribution.
Product/Service Overview and Strategies to Consider
Marketers try to understand the consumer buyer’s behavior by using the four p’s of marketing which are: price, place, promotion, and product (Hilman & Kaliappen, 2015). All of these inputs lead to the
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