Marketing Plan For Health Care Services

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Throughout the history of health coverage, many insurance companies have emerged attempting to offer a satisfactory service of insurance coverage to its policy holders with a variety of plan types and levels to choose from. To ease confusion, some plans offer different types and levels of coverage to choose from in faith of delivering a realistic plan to its policy holders; Health Net does just that. With diverse amount amenities, such as a nurse than cane be contacted 24/7 and wellness programs that also offer discounts on certain items, it will appeal to a more modernized population of potential policy holders. “At Health Net, our mission is to help people be healthy, secure, and comfortable (Health Net)” is their motto and they do as they promise to its policy holders. Health Net, Inc. is a managed care company that provides managed health care services by providing different types of health plans. According to Health Net’s website their mission is “At Health Net, our mission is to help people be healthy, secure and comfortable” (Health Net). Health Net, has a wide range of providers, plans, resources and tools. The provider network for Health Net consists of experienced and knowledgeable doctors as well as specialists, pharmacies and medical facilities. They offer a wide range of plans for individuals and families, that consist of different plan types, levels and availability and government sponsored plans. According to Business Wire “Health Net provides and
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