Marketing Plan For West Coast Transit

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When conducting a marketing plan that will create a solution for West Coast Transit it is important to create a highly motivated and dynamic team of employees to come together to accomplish a task swiftly and flawlessly with short notice. The current situation is for the team of selected individuals to create a plan of action to help boost revenue through the release of the new Bowing 747 and the existing West Coast Transit company mission which is to stay customer-focused and provide an opportunity for companies to fly their employees at an affordable rate as well as accommodate whole families to travel affordably. I have selected a group to work together on a West Coast Transit project that I believe will be in the best interest for the teams and company. While everyone who works with us today has their own profound talents and characteristics, I have selected a group of six which I believe bring the most to the table in a situation like this because the selected group is willing to put more work in for the good of the organization and will do more than is required. My first choice would be Natalie. Natalie is positive and ambitious and can function well in a group atmosphere, Natalie is motivated by challenges and enjoys competitive opportunities where her skills and talents can take center stage. She is great for smoothing over tense situations. She is a real negotiator and is comfortable in any kind of speaking situation which in this stressed circumstance is required.
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