Marketing Plan For Whole Foods

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Whole Foods, founded in 1980 by John Mackey, strives to provide the highest-quality natural and organic foods with a goal of creating healthier people living healthier lives. In order to achieve their goals they have implemented several important elements as part of their overall strategy for long-term growth. Some of those elements include:
• Growth and Store Location Strategy – Prior to 2007, part of Whole Foods strategy was to open new stores and to acquire small owner-managed chains. They focused on opening stores in high traffic thoroughfares in upscale neighborhoods. Following the recession of 2007-08, they changed their strategy and adopted a much leaner approach to design and building. Acquisitions would be a minor part of their …show more content…

365 is a budget friendly version of Whole Foods that will be smaller and offer a limited number of items (Bells, 2016). The goal of their 365 Value Priced stores is helping customers understand that shopping at Whole Foods 365 does not mean you have to choose between quality products or shopping within your budget.
There is much speculation about whether Whole Foods has done enough to shed its Whole Paycheck reputation in order to remain competitive in the current food retailing industry. Consumer demand has transformed what originally was a natural and organic food retailer – a niche market – into the fastest growing U.S. food seller (Gamble, Peteraf, & Thompson, 2017). Whole Foods original strategy was to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive prices possible. However in 2007-08, following the recession, they adapted their strategy and began to focus on value and controlling cost. When Whole Foods opened they used a focused differentiation strategy, concentrating on a narrow buyer market and meeting the needs of very specific customer base (Gamble et al., 2017). Realizing that their strategy was not necessarily sustainable in the long-term, they adjusted their strategy and began to appeal to a broader customer base with a focus on quality and value.
Mackey is passionate about his business and the message

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