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Formerly known as Stuart Cellars, now Bel Vino is one of the friendliest and finest family owned wineries in Southern California. Since their inception their goal has been to produce wine they are proud of sharing and selling at the right price. They strive to succeed in their industry by adopting wine making traditions of the Old World, meaning Europe and regions of the Mediterranean, while producing it at the local Californian wineries.
Producing 150 tons of grapes and 16,000 cases of wine per year, Stuart Cellars’ 49 acre estate vineyard is a winery like no other. For Stuart Cellars, the business of making wine, not only involves the process of making a superior wine that would satisfy
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After all, the fair value of wine is ultimately determined by how much disposable income there is and therefore how much the consumer is willing to pay.
Wine prices vary tremendously as it market fluctuates and we consider the fact that expensive wine not always equals great taste in the mind of the consumer. We all perceive the value of something very differently. Wine is one of those items that price doesn’t dictates quality. A person can be perfectly satisfied with a $5 bottle of wine even when is able to financially a more expensive one. Whereas someone else can never be satisfied is the price is not high as they have the perception that if something cost more is worth more. There a segment of the population that is always looking for what is discounted, without any regard for quality, taste or brand.
Lastly, we know that there are no simple answers to determine the final price tag of a bottle of wine; however with some degree of certainty, we can say that demand determines and promotes the price of an item. . However, high scores and good reviews from respected magazines or word of mouth, a label with a reputation of quality, rare and limited supplies combined, gives Stuart Cellars the right recipe for a successful pricing strategy.
Along with their pricing strategy, marketing and distribution are also factors they consider very closely as it adds to the final cost as well. In dealing with the distribution

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