Marketing Principles- PEST

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PEST Analysis PEST analysis: PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social, Technological of a organization. A PEST analysis focuses into how the outer variables can influence a business exercises, tasks and execution, and it could be utilized within mixture with different equipments. It helps as a way by companies to follow the environment they are going to operate in or is planning to launch a new product and service. The organization should know how can government rules can affect them and how is the economic situation of market, the labor charges are more or less, and what is the economic growth, and the organization can also affect by their different culture and innovation of new technology can also affect them, The organization can avoid difficulties by going through pest analysis, after knowing the four factors company should make their developing strategy. Political Factor: The political factors motivate the government policies. This political factor determines the formal and informal rules which companies must remain to likewise :- Taxation Policy, Environmental Regulations, Trade Barriers, Employment Laws, Consumer protection, Political stability. The Government makes rules and regulation which you cannot change, if you want to run business in different countries you have to comply their rules and regulations. Business can be affected by many aspects of government policy, Giordano are also facing Tax and pollution regulation problems. Political Factor of
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