Marketing Research Proposal - Blackberry & Iphone Essay

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Reclaiming the Smart Phone Market M. Brent Eason Ben Furr Carrie Martinelli Adam Scott — ROUND 1 — BACKGROUND INFORMATION RIM Confidential ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS ▪ Founded 1984 ▪ 2009 Revenue: $11.1 billion ▪ 2009 Net Income: $1.89 billion ▪ Employees: 12,000 ▪ Founded 1976 as Apple Computer ▪ 2009 Revenue: $42.91 billion ▪ 2009 Net Income: $8.24 billion ▪ Employees: 34,300 RIM Confidential PRODUCTS ▪ BlackBerry product first launched in 1999 ▪ Wide range of Wireless Service Providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and all major global providers) ▪ 41 Million units sold in 2009 ▪ 80+ Million units currently in use globally ▪ Introduced in 2007 with AT&T as the exclusive provider ▪ 3G version launched in 2008 with…show more content…
Not at all likely Somewhat Unlikely Undecided Somewhat Likely Very Likely ▪ This structure creates bias with the wording. A numerical scale from 1-5 or 1-7 would be ideal. RIM Confidential HOW SMART IS YOUR PHONE? INDEPENDENT VARIABLES ▪ Phone-Related: “How important is voice quality/clarity in a cell phone?” “Do you prefer a physical keyboard or a touch screen?” ▪ Demographic: “What best describes your education level?” “What is your marital status?” RIM Confidential QUESTION BREAKDOWN ELIGIBILITY CHECK & EXISTING PHONE INFO #1: Do you own or have exclusive use of at least one phone? ▪ If NO, exits survey #2: Did you choose your phone, or was it issued to you for your job? #3: Which company provides your cellular service? #4: What kind of device do you currently use? ▪ Separates smartphone users from others. #5: Did you purchase your current phone because of a promotional discount? RIM Confidential QUESTION BREAKDOWN PHONE AND TECHNOLOGY PREFERENCES #6: Which type of phone offers the best value for the money? #7: If price or availability were no object, which would you most prefer to use/own? ▪ The above two questions have three possible answers: ▪ BlackBerry ▪ iPhone ▪ Neither/Other #8: How likely are you to make your next phone a BlackBerry? ▪ This is our primary dependent variable. RIM Confidential QUESTION BREAKDOWN PHONE/TECHNOLOGY PREFERENCES CONT. #9: If
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