Marketing Strategies Of Coca Cola

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This report highlights the product coca cola and the various different ways it has achieved success in the global market. It will outline various elements relating to consumer behaviour and its implications for creating marketing strategies for this brand. This product is chosen due to its market recognition, brand identity, and market leadership. Firstly, this report briefly describes about the company and its highlighted product coca cola from various articles and the company’s website. Thereafter the report will further outline Coca cola’s market segmentation, targeting and positioning. The articles written by Demetris Vrontris and Iain Shap; and by Vendredi provided great insights over its marketing strategies of Coca Cola. Observational research was used to observe various consumer purchase patterns and buying decisions. Later highlights over the latest growing trends, market share, market size, operating revenues and profits are discussed in detail. Further this report talks about the use of internet and its effects on the consumers purchase decisions. Lastly, a comparative analysis between Coca cola and Pepsi is conducted.
Coca Cola imprints its existence since 1886 and was started by Asa Griggs Candler. It is the largest manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. It manufactures and sells more 3500 products in over 200 plus countries with Coca Cola being it’s most selling and popular soft drink product. Coca cola has its ‘headquarters in

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