Marketing Strategies Used By Jl Racing

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When a small business decides to take sales on the international level there are many risks and rewards in doing so. To be successful they should look at challenges that they might incur along the road in addition developing a plan on how to overcome these challenges. Furthermore the correct marketing strategy when entering into new markets is key on creating brand recognition and make the customer experience satisfying in order to generate repeat business and marketing through word of mouth. Therefore, when a company’s research is complete and the best route has been chosen to enter into international markets a small business can lower risk and increase their awareness to be successful. In this assignment I researched challenges of small business conducting business internationally, in addition to discussing in depth the marketing strategies used by JL Racing. Finally, discuss the effects of international sales on JL Racing’s domestic business.
There are many challenges for small companies when doing business internationally for example JL Racing had a hard time understanding the buying habits in Europe. In addition to entering into markets to who the customers have already established relationships with other vendors or when a few individuals makes the decision for the whole rowing club in which and sales representative would need to know the bidding process. Furthermore, the difficulty of the owners of a small business entering into business internationally wearing all

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