Marketing Strategy : Emporio Armani Diamonds

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Emporio Armani Diamonds Many of today’s cologne advertisement seem to include young attracting females or males along with subliminal messages. Advertisers often use sex to sell their products because it is a popular marketing strategy that works every time. Brands such as Giorgio Armani are leading examples of this marketing approach. For their Emporio Armani Diamonds campaign which featured male cologne, the company showed a young attractive male that seemed to capture the attention of every female because he apparently sprayed the product. The picture presumed that men who smell good mesmerize women and get their full attention. Cologne advertisements are plastered everywhere in our society. From billboards to popular magazines, companies try their best to send their message out and capture the attention of their audiences. They all have one thing in common, and it is the presence of young attractive female models that are often portrayed in very sexual ways. In the Emporio Armani picture advertisement, there are flashing lights in the background that almost give the image a red carpet feel. The main focus which is the male model looks sleek, clean and is very neatly shaved. He has hard, angular features which are traits that many people find attractive. The color of his suit looks like it was carefully selected because it brings out the color of his eyes. His gaze is intense, almost as if he was staring right at you. It reveals domination and command. The females next

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