Marketing Strategy- Entering a Country Essay

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Individual Assignment – (Entering a Country) Mary Madison, Director of Market Research at U.S. Agricultural Tractor (USAT), has just come from an important meeting at which it had been decided to initiate a study a study of export opportunities for the firm’s tractors. Since she had no experience in global marketing, she was rather concerned about how best to approach this task. U.S demand for tractors had stagnated due to a recession in the farming industry. Because of lower demand for its big, high-performance machines, USAT has weathered the recession better than had some of its larger competitors. However, during the past year, the order backlog had been completed considering export opportunities, and Mary had been asked to…show more content…
The market opportunities have the direct relation to the real needs and the demand of customers. Since tractors are used to produce food, people will try to relate the demand of tractors to the population size. It is because the high the population will imply the high consumption of food, the more the country consumes, the more food the country has to produce. But it may not be the whole story. Just think about if a country does not produce food, instead it relies heavily on the imported food. The high number of population means they have to import more. And it does nothing to food production. According to table 3 – tractors used in countries from answer to question 2, Australia and New Zealand have an exceptional high utilization of tractors when comparing to their relatively small number of population (by referring to the table 4 – population by country from answer to question 2). This is a strong evidence that population is not that much relating to tractors needed in some countries. Hence, population should only be significant to countries to produce food. TYPES OF DEMAND – Apparently, the tractors market size can be shown by the tractors number. But the data cannot tell the demand is from internal supply or from external supply. Therefore, the imported tractors data should be used in conjunction to the number of tractors to show the possible potential market for the exporters. PURCHASING DESIRE – Even there is a need, consumers can choose local
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