Marketing Strategy Of The Ic Company

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The IC Company was formed from the merger of the companies Carly Gry and InWear in 2001. The company has been focusing to become a world leader in the sports and fashion brands in markets all around the world. The IC company has been using mergers and acquisitions as a way to achieve expansion globally. Currently, the company has 11 brands that are classified in the upper-mid and middle class categories. IC Company has been using a multi-brand strategy where each of their brand has a market-oriented management team that is in charge of the positioning of their market. This strategy allows the company to have specific brand managers who can concentrate on their specific brand. Each of these segments are able to develop and create their own unique brand. IC Company benefits from this strategic plan due to having multiple brands under one umbrella company. Each brand adds value by being a part of the overall company. The company has also applied a different strategy depending on whether it is the high-end brand or low end. For the brands such as Peak Performance and Tiger of Sweden, they have developed the brands to ensure that they are of high quality and preferred in that market of consumers. They made sure that they would develop a brand identity for this set of collection that would be unique. In this instance, the IC Company would be using a narrow differentiation strategy. They are focusing on tailoring their premium brands to a relatively narrow market. Overall, the
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