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Marketing Your Valuable Skills
If You 've Ever Considered Working for Yourself, How Do You Get Yourself Out There?
I had always dreamed of working for myself–making my own rules and doing things on my terms sounding so appealing. Everyone has that moment at some point in their career, but how many take the plunge? It’s not always easy and certainly not even feasible in some situations, but for some it’s a risk that they’re willing to take. Sometimes it takes a push–for me I knew that I wanted to be home with my daughter, but still bringing in an income. I knew that freelance writing and marketing consulting was my thing, I had made other people rich using my skills and background. Now it was my turn! I’m newer to this than others, but I can tell you how I’m doing it and how others that I consider to be successful are making it work.
First and foremost, you have to be a disciplined and motivated person. I had long held positions in Corporate America that allowed me to work from home, and I found that I got way more work done that way than being in the office which was full of distractions. I am somebody that will focus and get a task done, able to motivate myself and keep on track until my job is complete. Not everybody is that way, and if you struggle with any of those things then working on a freelance basis or getting your own company going may be tough.
Marketing is key! I went into marketing for two reasons–I loved to write and I love people. I knew that marketing was

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