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From 1972-1993 Snapple Fruit Juice Company flourished while many startup premium fruit drinks struggled and, in many cases, failed. In fact, most of Snapple's successful competitors during this time were sold to larger distribution companies allowing Snapple to create a Brand image and distribution alliance for the "smaller guy." They were a cult classic, promoted by loud, brash promoters like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh who had huge followings of independent, "stick-it-to-the-man" listeners. Snapple also created the legend of Wendy Kaufman, a former truck dispatcher and employee of Snapple. She was an instant success with the kind of style and attitude that matched Snapple's independent image. As the product began
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Jerome McCarthy four P's of marketing called the marketing mix and Professor Joe Morelli fifth P, Positioning, we can easily see how Snapple was unbelievably successful (Table 1). McCarthy's framework consisted of Product, Price, Place, Promotion MARKETING MIX
4 P's Definition How Did Snapple Use
PRODUCT Brand Name, Styling, Functionality, Packaging Improved Label Design, convenience, and name recognition.
PRICE Pricing Strategy Was to focus on convenience and "coolness" of the product. Price was not an issue!
PLACE Distribution Channels Intensified the independent distributor system to 300 focusing on service convenience not supermarkets.
PROMOTION Strategy, Advertising, Publicity. "Offbeat blend of public relations and advertising." Wendy Kaufman, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh.
POSITIONING The consumer perception of a product or service as compared to its competition. Much like with Product, Snapple had a favorable Position as the Product was hip, cool, convenient and promoted by the same kind of people.
(Table 1) McCarthy's four P's & Joe Morelli and Position. "The four P's are the parameters that the marketing manager can control" (Net MBA 2002). Each of the five P's should be carefully broken down and detailed to fully appreciate the success of Snapple from 1972-1993 starting from the least important to the most.
First, was the Snapple Product. "Product decisions start with an understanding of what a product is –
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