Marriage : A Right Or Privilege?

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Marriage: A Right or Privilege?
Marriage is a well known social norm that is practiced in most societies. In many societies, marriage is recognized as the legal bond between one man and one woman, especially in the United States. However, beginning popularity in the 21st century, the debate on same-sex marriage has grown exponentially. Many people argue that by denying same-sex couples the right to marry they are taking away their fundamental rights as citizens. There are also some arguments that there are many repercussions to legalizing same-sex marriage, such as children being harmed by not being raised by both a mother and a father, or that birth rates would fall. Marriage should be extended to both homosexual and heterosexual couples to ensure that all citizens are able to equally enjoy the same human rights.
Throughout history same-sex marriage was not always depicted as a taboo act, and in many cultures it was actually encouraged. Same sex marriage was first recorded in the early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Ancient Europe (Ridewall). Plato was also able to describe homosexual relationships in his work ‘Symposium’. Many early civilizations stated that same-sex marriage was more about character, excellence and love, rather than just being about a man and a woman. It was more common for two men to be married in the ancient customs in Rome, due to the fact that women had very little freedom and rights (Ridgewall). Gaines had said that it is a cultural issue that
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