Marriage Guidelines - How to Arrange Marriage in India

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Marriage through Matrimony Site / Newspaper Advt in India ? --- say -- Never. Why ?

In and around Kolkata 70% of the marriages arranged through newspaper advt, are facing break down within 1 year. Wife lodges criminal cases under 498A. Police arrest the entire family of husband. Finally compromise is done for Rs 10 to 25 lakhs for withdrawing the case. If the marriage is not properly matched the entire family is affected. Many people are victim.

If you are an unfortunate husband or his family member (like me), you will suffer the following cases by the wife.

1. Section 498A of the IPC (arrest of entire husband-family, without bail)
2. Domestic Violence Act 2005 (against male in-laws with maintenance and residence)
3. Section
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Earlier no marriage suffered break down because the marriages were done through responsible social mechanism. The social system itself was responsible. An ideal arranged marriage requires two comparable families and a matchmaker (ghatok). His role is crucial.

Marriage is a social phenomenon, it requires social procedure. Unless it is properly done the same is bound to failure. The traditional matchmaker (ghatok) acts as the intermediary. He is socially responsible to both the parties and makes adjustment between two families. Don’t think it is an easy task. It is a tremendous task he performs. Here lies the secret of successful marriage under traditional system. Therefore avoid the newspaper advertisement or marriage negotiation agency. Instead revive and continue the traditional system.
Many families are ruined and destroyed. So step carefully. I am your well-wisher.

Before Arranging Marriage-

When you arrange any marriage, please search certain important things. Know the past-behavior of the girl or boy from his or her neighbours and if possible, from class-mates of his or her college. This is one of the best ways to know the background and future behaviour of the husband or wife. Otherwise you may select the wrong person and repent for the blunder.

Search if he or she had any pre-marital love affair. (This is important specially in Calcutta.) If so settle the matter before marriage to avoid future
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