Marriage Is Not About Religion, Atheists Marry

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Ashish Samtani
English 1B
April 12, 2016
Adam and Steve? Or Anna and Eve?
“Marriage is not about religion, atheists marry. Marriage is not about procreation, the infertile marry. Marriage is not about finance, it can [survive] poverty. Marriage is about love. And that’s beautiful.” - Unknown
One of the biggest debates about same-sex relationships would be the legalization of same-sex marriage. There is more to same-sex marriage than politics and sexual practices. Over the last century, society has become more open minded to the gay lifestyle. Because we live in a great country bounded by the moralities of freedom, in which we are constitutionally promised justice and the pursuit of happiness -- each person reserves the rights to his or her own naturally given pursuit of happiness. By legalizing same-sex marriage, our country would strengthen that sense of morality and ensure that everyone is endowed to the same rights granted through marriage. Demonstrating the definition of marriage as one of the foundations of society, the many effects it has on individuals and personal freedom, and how social rights are executed can be effectively achieved by examining the creations of author Jonathan Rauch, director Jane Anderson, and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Jonathan Rauch takes the stand for pro-gay marriage in his articles “Who’s More Worthy?” and “Gay Marriage Is Good For America”. In these two articles, he tackles the misconception that “homosexuals will do a bad…
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