Mars: The Eight Planets Of The Red Planet

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Mars Ever since the beginning of physics and Astronomy man has pondered the question, “Are we alone?” Scientists have studied and collected data from the eight Planets. However, mostly all of them lack the key nutrients needed. Except when we took a closer look at the red planet (Mars), one can see a couple of those nutrients on Mars. The most outstanding features of the red planet are its water, Atmosphere, and extreme storms.

The closest planet in our Solar system to being suitable for life is Mars; containing the most valuable resource, water. On the surface of Mars are large valley networks that can only be created by the disturbance of large bodies of liquid water. In the northern pole (north pole), an ice deposit can be seen; this ice deposit contains frozen ice equivalent to the size of Lake
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In Fact, Mars’ atmosphere is similar to that of the Earth, sharing many resemblances in size, and density. However, centuries ago, Mars lost a majority of its atmosphere due to solar rays. Mars still has an atmosphere, it is just quite thick now. Due to this, Mars’ atmosphere is mostly composed of Carbon Dioxide (95%), and having very little oxygen (0.13), and water levels . Mars’ atmospheric pressure is only one hundred fifteenth that of Earth’s at sea level . Before Mars’ loss, planetary scientists said that its Atmosphere would have been very similar to ours.

Mars is basically a vast frozen wasteland, undergoing varying weather patterns. Mars undergoes more sandstorms and dust devils than all of the deserts on Earth combined . Plus dust clouds on Mars can reach up to three thousand feet. in height and last several weeks. Even its windstorms can be quite violent, reaching up fifty to sixty mph, and having the potential to cover a large majority of the planet itself . With these winds and dust devils in mind it would be very hard to make a civilization or even live on this mysterious red
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