Martial Fitness Training Program Is Important At Every Level Of Their Training Essay

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Martial Fitness Training
• Power, Body Mechanics and Flexibility
This martial fitness training program has been tailor made to meet the specific demands of martial artists and warrior athletes.
Why is fitness training for martial artists important at every level of their training?
In short...
Done properly it will sharpen your body mechanics, increase mobility and flexibility along with your ability to generate power (important for a solid base, striking and kicking) and just as importantly - it will help to counteract the imbalances already currently in your body from previous injuries or bad habits in training.
Martial Fitness Training Basics
• The martial fitness training program below is split into 3 phases encompassing power, body mechanics and flexibility. Each phase is simply a period of time in which you train in a particular way to achieve a particular objective. The exercises are different in each phase and build on the ones performed previously. Each phase requires only 3 sessions a week commitment.
• Warming up is essential before any type of physical training and there are scientific studies to back this up. It 's also important to warm up before each martial fitness training session. Perform 5-10 minutes of light aerobic exercise (jogging, stationery bike, rower, etc.) followed by joint mobility for every joint and then do some stretches to all the major muscle groups.
• Some of the exercises below are unique and you may not be familiar with them. It 's

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