Martin Fishbein And Icek Ajzen's Theory

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The motive of Trump voters can be explained by Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen's (1960) Theory of Reasoned Action. The first construct of theory is the attitude towards the behaviour which is what Trump voter's believes his presidency can improve the current state of the country. The second construct is subjective norm, which is the external environment and social norms that affect the individual's behavioural intention. These constructs contributed to their final decision of voting Trump against their self interest. The following points will underlies how Trump influences the voter's behavhiour.
Throughout the campign Trump established a high attention engagement with the voters which gave him an unfair advantage over Hillary in terms of media coverage. The Mere-Exposure Effects theory by
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The fact that the majority of Trump voters are white demonstrated the group's consciousness of preserving the their identity of being white, as well as their beliefs of "voting for Trump can retain the value of their race".. Moreover, psychologists from Duke University published a research in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science, claiming that for many individuals, casting a vote creates are sense of belongings to a social group, or building a sense of identity within oneself. On the other hand, particular policies made will also affect one's interest in voting the candidate. For example, one of the most controversial policy by Trump is the Muslim immigration ban and suspension of the Syrian refugee program. An individual supporting a particular candidate like Donald Trump reinforces their self and social identity as a citizen of United States as well as their identity of being white.
Trump's campaign might look controversial but from the marketing perspective he cleverly stimulated voter's psychological drive to influence his target
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