Marvel Enterprises Inc Essay

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ENTERNTAINMENT MARKETING CASE MARVEL ENTERPRISES INC ABISHEK BHASIN 2091775562 Marvel Enterprises, Inc. is an industry-leading firm whose core business is character-based entertainment. Marvel’s foundation and success is built on their proprietary library of over 4,700 characters featured in a variety of media for nearly seventy years (1939-2004). Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing agreements, and publishing of comic books through the division of Marvel Comics. Marvel's strategy is to leverage its characters in a growing array of opportunities around the world, through their main business of licensing for entertainment media including feature films, consumer products, toys, video games, animated television, and…show more content…
However, Marvel’s shares of those large revenues have been very minimal. By creating their own movie productions, Marvel will be able to receiver larger amount of revenues and mitigate any issues around growth. Although it is a high capital-intensive venture, and one that comes with many risks, Marvel’s main success factor is the fact that they already have the ‘recipe’ for success when it comes to reaching their fan base. They have been successful in acquiring and retaining the best artists and writers for their publishing division and the same strategy must continue when they begin to produce their own movies by acquiring the best directors, writers, actors, etc. Marvel, and Arad, have the best knowledge in regards to their characters and the ability to control the production of movies will help ensure that cohesive messages are being illustrated through all mediums including comic books. WHY DIGITAL MEDIA – SHIFT IN CONSUMER TRENDS The majority of today's consumers are actively personalizing their digital experiences and sampling niche content and video with increasing frequency. The desire to personalize and sample niche content greatly impacts consumers' digital behavior across all industries and verticals. This new consumer mindset is all part of d-entertainment[iii]. Music, movies, television, video games, and the WWW are morphing into a single entity; hence consumers are no longer content to in watching shows or
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