Mass Media And Society 's Influence On Society

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Position Statement

Mass media and society have an influence on each other. One impacts the other just a tad bit more. They have a symbiotic relationship, where one cannot work successfully with each other in many different circumstances. Society has more influence over mass media, because of the idea for supply and demand. If the public does not demand service, then it would not be provided. Media does have a small impact on society, but society holds the key to how information is dispersed. Included below are the major types of mass media and each breaks down into various subtopics inside of each. Theses subtopics include cultural, government policies, news and spreading information.
The news is created by the public from an occurrence. The parts that go into if the news is read, is more than just beyond air space and time, because of the advancement with technology, every story, that gets a reaction form the public, has room to be shared to the public.
Radio is available to most of the public. It could be access from a car, to stereo system of even through mobile devices. Society impacting radio and having a direct influence on it is good. That is the way it should be for this type of medium. It is one to the easiest accessed and has a smaller amount of restrictions.
Print is funded by advertisement, which are ads that allow for stores to get more money. IF advertising did not work, then it will adapt to the demand of the public. Society has the ability to allow for…

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