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Effects of Mass Media
Amanda Shock
Media Influences on American Culture (HUM/186)
Allyson Wells

Effects of Mass Media
There are many different effects of mass media. Where would the world be today without mass media? The world has evolved so much. From the written era all the way to the digital era, communication has changed so much. For instance, when the radio was invented it changed the way the news was communicated and provided entertainment. The television came soon after that providing news to watch and sitcoms to laugh at. Mass media has provided so many great changes that impact our lives every day.
In the past century, there have been many different developments of mass media. Starting in the 1900’s, newspapers and magazines were the main sources of communication. With these being the only way to communicate, the news came slowly and often late. In the 1940’s the radio came out. With this quick source of news, people often tuned in before and after the war for updates that were given. The radio was, by far, the quickest source of news at this time. The television came out in the 1950’s. The first televisions were in black and white. Television provided the news the same day and entertainment. People were more prone to watch the news rather than getting a newspaper. In 1962 satellites were launched into space. This provided news from around the world. Today, mass media continues to develop more and more. Cell phones used to be big and

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