Mass Media Essay

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Crystal Tunis 12/4/2017 HUM/186 Allyson Wells

Mass media

Life has changed dramatically over the last century because of the progression of media technology. The ones that I will be talking about is radio, television, computers, and the internet. A radio is one of the major developments. The first radio was broadcasted in 1909 in America. The radio made it possible for everyone in the world to hear news events around the world.(J. Saltzman) Everyone can listen to the radio no matter where you are. It has a big impact on music. It has a big impact on music because you can hear any kind of music that you want and hear all the new songs that just came out. The radio has a impact on the political landscape because you can hear all the new political news on the radio. Also the leaders relied on the radio to pass on messages to the public so they know what is going on. The radio also helps raise money for programs.(N/A) Television is another one of the major development. The first commercial broadcast was in New York in 1939. The regular broadcast started in 1941 in the United States.(J. Saltzman) With television you could hear and see it all in action. Television increases childhood obesity because when children are in front of the TV they want to snack more. It improves marriage struggles by watching TV it has negative affect on marriages because some TV shows have an effect on how you think about your

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