Master Of Science : Information Science And Technology Essay

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Statement of Purpose

Name: Sujit Subhash
Program: Master of Science in Information Science and Technology

I am applying for the Master of Science in Information Science and Technology program at the Missouri University of Science and Technology as I believe this program will give me the strongest foundation and skills to one day drive my entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the technological age that we live in, the next great idea is just around the corner. This program will help me develop not just the eyes and mindset to spot these opportunities, but also the skills to exploit them. Learning about human computer interaction, business analytics and mobile technology will enable me to understand the customer needs and develop products that cater to their digital needs.

I decided to pursue a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering after graduating high school, as at that time I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, while also applying my analytical reasoning ability to a broad area. I enjoyed the challenge of the engineering curriculum and quickly noticed that I became trusted to lead and delegate tasks during group projects. I deeply enjoyed the leadership and decision making role during these projects. I worked for a short period as a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Science after graduating from my bachelor’s degree to gain some research experience before pursuing higher studies. I decided that a masters in engineering management would be ideal as I wanted to
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