Master-Personal Narrative

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I first learned this story from my third choice, i.e, my teacher who I used to call master. That was supposed to be a life-changing tale for me because I was very stubborn and unreceptive back then. But, my master taught me to be more open with new perspectives and continue to seek inspirations from other people who I can call masters, too, and to absorb and just filter later. As Bruce Lee said, "Absorb what is useful". Hopefully, after I have taken everything in, I will have evolved into a better educator, just like my master and ultimately, a better creative person. I want to reach that "zen point", where everything is intuitive and instinctive, where teaching and I are one (like the samurai and the sword are one), where I can see beyond what my eyes tell me …show more content…

Yes, I am aware of the dangers of having too may masters. But mixed martial arts taught us that we can learn different fighting styles from different masters, and eventually, evolve into a

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