The Role of Teachers in Siddhartha

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The Role of Teachers Throughout history there have been countless numbers of teachers: artisans, craftsmen, ideologist, to name a few. They have all master some skill, gained some wisdom, or comprehended an idea. These teachers have achieved knowledge which allows them to excel and to be above and beyond regular people. Knowledge is something everyone strives for, and many desire. To achieve knowledge, one must have an eye-opening experience, and epiphany that leads to the increase of one’s intellect and skill set. In Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, the main character, Siddhartha, goes in an almost never ending quest to achieve knowledge. Throughout this journey, Siddhartha encounters many teachers, whom which he learns a great deal, but …show more content…

He did this for many years, until one night a realization came to him, this part of his life had to end. Samsara had taken over his life and there little left from his days of spiritual searching. Once again, even though he had learned a lot from his teachers and experiences, Siddhartha had not achieved the knowledge he wanted. Ultimately he decides to

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