What Does Kristopher Mean To Me?

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It was the second semester my freshman year of high school when I realized the errors in my own personality. I was fifteen and going through the anger phase that most teens endure. I now realize myself to have been unusually cruel. It was on different instances before high school that I began this unfortunate turn toward anger. On multiple occasions, I would lash out in uncalled for circumstances and yell mean spirited things at people undeserving of this treatment. One person specifically that felt my fury was my only brother. He was and is special to me. I will never find a type of love for anyone else that I share with my brother. It is for that reason, that I find my treatment toward him more daunting than any other. How could I have…show more content…
It was not until a reading assignment in my freshman year English class that I fully understood what a cruel creature I was. My life-changing story came from nothing other than the short story, The Scarlet Ibis. I felt a connection immediately with the protagonist of the story. He was self-described as cruel and shameful, yet it felt like he was talking about me. From that point on, I paralleled some circumstances with him to myself. He too had a younger brother that he treated poorly, but not for the same reasons. I was mean in my ways, it felt natural to me to be this way. His situation was out of shame for his brothers’ medical condition which left him small and weak. This spoke to me, offering conviction immediately into my own heart. I knew my brother was healthy and strong, but for some reason, I kept seeing my brother as his. With every cruel treatment, with every uneasy situation, I could feel myself getting angry, but at who? My mind would snap to placing blame on others, but this time I couldn’t help but see it solely on
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