Master Slave Relationship

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When it comes to the notion of our importance as a people during the slave era, would it be a fact or opinion that we head a higher significance. The master-slave ideology takes many shapes. But in the essay I will start at the auction block. At the auction block is we’re conniving masters’ first meet the slave. Although some slaves were sold against their own will, many of them had a choice of the master. Slave owners would attend auctions and persuade slaves to become theirs by filling their heads with promises of a good plantation life. This is the first of bonds formed between the master and slave on the foundation of lies. Although we can conclude that these promises weren’t kept, we have to admit that the slave owner was quite smart…show more content…
But because he felt a sense of loyalty to his master, he ignores the advice of the freed blacks and continued down the river until he reached his master’s brother. ”A slave had no rights of his own. He was the absolute possession of his master. And he was obligated to give his master unquestioning obedience. It was a humble position that demanded a man to think of his duties and obligations rather than his privileges. And it demanded the slaves’ loyalty to his master. The slave had no interests of his own, all he did was for His Master.” (Marji “Mike” Kruger). On December 18th, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln declared slavery to be illegal and he made slave owners set them free. Although this law was written down, it didn’t mean that the idea and ideology of slave-master relationship vanished completely. As history progressed onward, the term slave was replaced with a more demeaning term, nigger. During this age, the definition of a slave was a person oppressed to a degree which a person’s will can’t be done. Niggers [Negroes] were considered the second, inferior race. We finally were considered to be human beings. Although we were so-called free, we were still forced to live under limited conditions. Yes, the physical chains, bolts, and locks were done away with but we were still bared down by many laws that restrained us still from being recognized for a full potential. Set free but still forced to live under the rules of the white;
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