Maxine Hong Kingston Understanding Her Life through The Woman Warrior

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Maxine Hong Kingston Understanding Her Life through The Woman Warrior Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman Warrior” is novel composed of myths and memoirs that have shaped her life. Her mother’s talk-stories about her no name aunt, her own interpretation of Fa Mu Lan, the stories of ghosts in doom rooms and American culture have been the basis of her learning. She learned morals, truths, and principals that would be the basis of her individuality.

Since her mother's talk-story was one of the major forces of her childhood and since she herself is now talking-story in writing this book, stories, factual and fictional, are an inherent part of Kingston's autobiography. Finding one's voice in order to talk-story, a metaphor for knowing …show more content…

Kingston wrote, “The fear did not stop but permeated everywhere. She told the man, “I think I’m pregnant.” He organized the raid against her.” Another major point Brave Orchid makes from the story is not to let someone that is untrustworthy get the upper hand in a situation where they would have the power to take advantage of her, to save themselves from shame and humiliation. She is trying to make Kingston deal with honest people and make good friends through a rather frightening story of humiliation and deceit.

In the re-telling of the Fa Mu Lan myth, Kinston shows the strengths and warrior like abilities of her character, rather than the weaknesses her mother scares her with, in the story of the “No Name Woman.” “When we Chinese girls listened to the adults talk-story, we learned that we failed if we grew up to be but wives or slaves.” Fa Mu Lan helps her get out of the circle of the average subservient Chinese woman and strive to be something better than a housewife or a slave. She gets an abundance of inspiration from the heroine in the myth, pretending the hero is she. Kingston is inspired to break the mold of the typical Chinese woman. From this myth she learns that it is ok to be different, to be a Chinese-American woman. She proves to herself that she can be whoever she wants

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