Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird

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In Maya Angelou’s famous poem “I Know Why The Caged Bird sings” a really great woman that survived The Great Depression and lots of wars. She was an incredible african american woman, it was really hard for her to survive those wars because not only she was a woman but because she was a “Black” woman. Back then mostly everybody was racist to blacks, that’s probably the reason she made the poem “I know why the caged bird sings”. The caged bird connects with the main character Odessa, it connects with her because she is a black woman and she was stuck back when they had the civil rights movements. She was also there when the bus boycott had began, it also connects because she was a maid and the family she worked for did not like her at all because she was black. To begin with Odessa was a black maid with a wonderful family, the only bad thing that was wrong is that she was working for a white family who did not like blacks. The only person who did like blacks was one of the main characters named Miriam. In the beginning of the movie Miriam did not really care about helping blacks because she was just following what the rest of whites and her family did.She was still a nice lady she just did…show more content…
Conclusion, the person who is the caged bird in the movie “Long walk home” was Anessa because all the things she had to deal with.First off to mostly explain everything was because she was black and the bus boycott and civil rights movement was going on during the time so it made it worse.Second she was working for a white family who tried to make the black lives worse , their uncle.The uncle was a dangerous person with a crew, at the end they tried to beat up the blacks for talking to Miriam.But after that they were treating Miriam like a black person because she tried to help them out.They thought since you want to help them out you should be one of them.Anessa had a rougher life because she did not have the privilege whites had, so in my opinion Odessa was the “Caged
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