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Dr. Mazzola, like many other scientists, worked to find a way to use the soil as a defense against fungi, bacteria, and parasitic animals that attacks crops. Scientists are currently investigating the organisms that live in the sol in order to learn how the organisms fight pathogens. The research shows that due to the number of microbes in the soil and the amount of nutrients these microbes use, it becomes harder for pathogens to invade the plant. Those that can get past the microbes can destroy the plant and by killing the native microbes, pathogens grow faster. When pathogens attack a plant, they release chemicals that attracts microbes that will kill them. Scientists also found that the bacteria will feed on the nutrients leaked out by the damaged roots and produce a toxin that kills the plant. Dr. Mazzola found that by adding seed meal to apple orchards, it will attract different microbes as well as different bacteria and fungi. Regardless, the soil still protected the plants. The research done, especially those such as Dr. Mazzola, is significant because it could help farmers bring in microbes to protect crops.
I thought the article was interesting because of how similar the human immune system is to soil immunity. Like humans, microbes will attack the pathogen. …show more content…

Scientists can see what organisms are in certain environments and which ones a microbe interacts with. Identifying the necessary microbes and organisms can allow farmers to “foster plant-protecting microbes” elsewhere. Farmers would be able to use the microbe with its necessary organisms for their plants rather than trying to isolate the microbe which would die or would not be useful without its counterparts. In other words, by identifying the necessary organisms for certain microbes, scientists can create a blend that farmers could

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