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1. What role does the FDA play in the regulation of the nation's food supply?
- The FDA is responsible for keeping the public healthy by making sure that the nation’s food supply is clean, clearly and honestly labeled, and healthy for whoever eats it.
2. What are the regulations that the FDA enforces regarding genetically altered foods? - The FDA determined that genetically engineered foods should be regulated the same as regular foods. There are no regulations to date that have been determined that are specific to genetically engineered foods.
3. How do scientists put a gene from one organism into another?
- The most common method is with an agrobacterium. Since bacteria reproduce quickly, it’s easy to create the same
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- There are many mutations that happen naturally within DNA sequences over time. Most are minor, and have little effect upon an organism. However, some mutations actually provide species with useful adaptations that could help them evolve into more efficient species. Some mutations on a catalytic site completely alter the functioning state of a protein.

8. What might happen if the beneficial traits that scientists inserted into agricultural crops spread to non-agricultural settings?
- Traits such as resistance to pesticides may cause overpopulation in unfavorable plant species, such as weeds. This resistance could also be passed on to species of insects that the pesticides were made for, thus negating the effect of the pesticide in the first place.
9. How would the soil biota be affected by using traditional chemical pesticides and would this differ from using transgenic methods? Which method would be safer and why? - Pesticides can be held within the soil for many years after it has been sprayed, effecting the growth and development of crops. Transgenic methods for altering crops allow the soil to stay cleaner, allowing the plants that grow there to be healthier. The safer method would be the transgenic method as far as soil is concerned.
10. How might insects develop a resistance to Bt toxins? What ecological risks would this have? What could be done to combat this, and do you think that it would be effective? - They would develop a resistance

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