Essay on McDonaldization

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About seven months ago, I met an American guy who had arrived at New Zealand just a few days before. While exchanging our sentiments (I am from Japan) on New Zealand and its culture, the guy told me how he was surprised to see the country is so
Americanised, mentioning McDonald’s as one of the examples. Now, in a different sense, this was surprising to me, too. I had never had the idea that having McDonald’s is being Americanised. In fact, McDonald’s is nearly everywhere in the world so that many people think it has already become part of their own cultures. But then the question arises: How did this come to be the case? Here is a brief outline of its history (based on Hebert, 1997; McDonald’s Corp., 1997; Mclennan, 1996). …show more content…

However, in many spheres of society, such efficiency is defined for the sake of the industry or business, and people are nevertheless led to believe that it is beneficial to themselves (Allan, 1997; Keel, 1997). Some examples include, ATM, self-service petrol, or more recently, we began to serve drinks for ourselves in certain fast food restaurants.
(2) Calculability: This is the emphasis of the notion that the more, the better, as well as the faster, the better (Allan, 1997; Keel,
1997). That is, quantity and quickness are often equalised with quality. For instance, many people are prone to evaluate products in terms of how much they sold within what period of time, whether they be CDs, films, cars, or even tourist attractions. Or else, as for fast food, things like ‘Extra Value Meals’ or ‘Big Crunch (or Tower) Burger Combo’ are constantly offered, and they really do please most customers.
(3) Predictability: Society is more and more structured and organised so that people can predict what will happen in particular situations with reasonable accuracy (Allan, 1997; Keel, 1997). People expect the same procedures and tastes as last time in restaurants, or enjoy sequels of movies, video games, TV series and the like with which they had pleasant experience before.
Buildings are constructed into similar layout with similar decorations.
(4) Control: Uncertainty, unpredictability and inefficiency get eliminated from any rationalising systems, and that is

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