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Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy. In particular, how does McDonald’s approach the issue of standardization? Does McDonald’s think global act local? Does it also think local and act global? McDonald’s is a fast-food legend that gives its consumers a chance to experience it delivering inexpensive food with consistent taste regardless of location, quick service, and a clean familiar environment. The key elements that McDonald’s use envolve both global and local elements. McDonald’s offers american style hamburgers in most of its restaurants around the world and the group people who are consuming this food is growing everday and including its french fries too. McDonald’s tries to sell its products in the same…show more content…
As a student of marketing, what can you say about these factors? As a student of marketing I can say that these five elements are the key to do everything you want to do in the world of business. There is never a right time for anything that is why you have to analize well each and every one of this elemets. People, when you think of the people element you think which is your target market, you ask yourself which one of the people such as young, old, teens, married couples, you ask yourself which of the many group of people you are going to choose to work with. Product, you ask what does the consumer need? What needs does it satisfy? Which are the differences versus your competitors products? Place, you ask yourself where are the consumers going to look for the product? Which distribution channel are you going to use? Price, what is the value of this product to the consumer that is going to buy it? Promotion, when you think of promotion you are going to think when is the right time to promote your product, where to promote it, how to promote it, these kinds of things. All of these factors combined can tell us how to put the right product in the right place at the right time and having the right price targeting the right people for the right product. Is it realistic to expect that McDonald’s-- or any well-known company-- can expand globally without occasionally making mistakes or

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