Mcdonald's Unfair Trial

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In world news Louis Woodward was charged and convicted of man slaughter. The British Royal Nanny was only 20 years old when she killed an eight month old baby. Upon her return to Britain she claimed that she had an unfair trial because of the “Widespread hostile press coverage”(Daniel 1437). North Korea also admits to selling missiles around the world. “We will continue to keep testing and deploying missiles” said a reporter in Seoul. North Korea aims to obtain foreign money from the selling of missiles (Times wire reports). Mcdonald’s launches first global kids’ meal offer. In over 110 countries children will receive one of eight toys free with the purchase of a happy meal. This was followed by a McDonalds 94 cent slip in the stock market after they fired over 700 employees (New York Times). Shifting away from world news to national news, a new law that was put in place gives $25 million for bulletproof vests. Before the bill was passed many officers had to purchase their own vests for protection. The FBI predicts that the increase in bulletproof vests will help cops killed in the line of duty by 30% (New York …show more content…

This veto allows for more noisier downtowns. Gary Hanson was vetoed losing 6-2 (Rob Swenson). Over two weeks ago on May 30th a tornado tore through Spencer destroying over 45 properties. Hundreds of people were on hand to explain options to help clean up the town and help the residents. The city council has mentioned how the red cross is providing support for the people living in the town (Randy Hascall). Residents unite to solve problems about the recent damage done to Spencer. 320 citizens gathered at the McCook Central Hugh School to hear Gov. Bill Janklow talk about the actions they can take to rebuild the town and the lives of those affected. Sadness has turned to joy for the community, as many different people join hands to help those in need (David

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