Mckinsey Case Study Essay

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| McKinsey & Company: Managing Knowledge and Learning | Case Study #7 | | | 3/3/2013 |


Micro Questions:

1. Which countries are involved in this case? Describe the diplomatic relations between hose countries? Are there any trade agreements in place which would impact management’s decision to enter the target market?

2. Which geographic markets are being considered in this case? Provincial, Country, Regional, and/or Global?

3. What are the considerations which may impact the overall marketing strategy?

4. What are the cultural considerations within the company and the specific management team?

Macro Questions: 1. How was this obscure firm of “accounting and engineering advisors”
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This policy made it so that profits would be looked and handled as a firm fund rather than an office fund. A steep increase in recruiting and retention followed when this policy was put into effect.

Competitive Advantages Gained By James O. McKinsey and Marvin Bower: * Top management’s explications: high standards of integrity, professionalism, and technical superiority, and nonstop enhancement * Even with internal expansion and external expansion into new offices the company continued with the “One Firm” policy * The company always took responsibility for their clients while consistently hosting dinners and seminars to create and keep good relationships and remain engaged with their clients and supply them with beneficial information * The company was recognized for visionary thinkers and an exceptional management structure * Granting profit is always imperative for a company it was not their solitary motivation * Uninterrupted enhancement in services supplied to the client and making certain the clients are satisfied was the company’s main
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