Mean Girls: The Reality Of Highschool

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The Reality Of High school In movies and TV shows, highschool is fun. It’s filled with friends, sex, happy families, and the best part, love. I, along with every other teenager in the world was expecting a high school experience similar to the TV show “Mean Girls” but of course, to no avail, that was the wrong thing to be expecting. News flash, it’s not at all what it’s made out to be. Walking through the doors of high school on the first day was literally a blood rush. Everyone was talking about who’s cute and who isn’t, the new kids, who finally hit puberty, who broke up and who got together, and and what happened over Summer. All of the freshman, me included, were extremely hyped up to be considered a big kid. Of course all of me and my girlfriends were looking for one thing in common, a relationship. The high school sweetheart portrayed just about everywhere from books to movies. Of course, he was nowhere to be…show more content…
Sure, it won’t matter in the long run when the next person messes up, but for the time being that you are front page news, it sucks. Rumors and lies and nonstop questions are all you hear. Some people have built their lives on making others feel horrible through drama! Of course you were expecting this, this is the one true factor that is portrayed correctly in movies. What’s incorrectly portrayed is the happy ending at the end of all the drama. That usually doesn’t happen. What happens is, you try your best to avoid the whole situation. In reality, high school is probably the worst and best years of your life. It’s kind of fun sometimes and others it’s really dreadful. It really just depends on the day! Some kids look like they are doing great and that they are the perfect popular high schooler, but they aren’t. Trust me. In high school, something is going on with everybody at all times. I think the movies need to figure this out because I was expecting a bit more, but oh well. What do I know, I’m only a
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